Bloc 40 — ruining the sleep of Brentwood town-centre residents since March 2019
(and probably ruining its customers’ hearing)

UPDATE (10/07/2020)

Bloc 40 are applying to extend the operating hours permitted by their licence!

We have submitted this representation (click to read it), which is supported by 8 local residents, to Brentwood Borough Council.

The deadline for making representations has passed. However, in case others found it useful, we are leaving some information about making representations below. Please note that, unlike petitions, a representation cannot have multiple signatures (however, it is perfectly acceptable for multiple people to send the same representation individually), and can be submitted only by a local resident. You may find the following information helpful:

Representations need to make reference to one or more of the four licensing objectives (and explain how/why the proposed terms of the licence are inadequate in relation to them), which are:

Noise pollution is covered principally by the prevention of public nuisance. Based on past experience, Bloc 40’s intolerable noise is manifestly incompatible with this objective, and the proposed conditions of the new licence being sought are manifestly inadequate and fail to inspire any confidence that matters would improve.

A plea to potential customers of Bloc 40 — save your hearing and vote with your feet

Since Bloc 40 opened for business on Brentwood High Street in March 2019, it has blighted hundreds (maybe thousands?) of homes in Brentwood town centre with an intolerable and entirely avoidable level of night-time noise from its amplified music. Despite numerous complaints to the local council, the blight continues on many a Friday and Saturday night (and various other nights preceding/during bank holidays, such as Christmas Eve).

Out of respect for the right of local residents to have a good night’s sleep (as well as for your own hearing!), please vote with your feet (and your wallets) and find a more responsible option for your night-time diversions.